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VaseValet® is more than a floral tray, flower carrier, floral transportation device, portable floral holder, floral box, or whatever comes to mind when you see it.  It's truly a wise business tool for the florist who wants to invest in their customers.  Satisfied customers become loyal customers and they will love what the VaseValet® does for them.  They'll remember the VaseValet® and they will remember you and your flower shop.

Be a step ahead of your competition with the VaseValet®. 
Flowers and floral arrangements are no longer damaged during their trip home in your customer's automobile when they have the VaseValet
®.  No  more spills or damaged petals, leaves or floral greenery.

Arrangements for photos courtesy of La Bella and Dean's Designs

VaseValet ® 

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VaseValet®  U.S. Patent # 6,561,353B2